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How We Got Our Start

BrandIT Media was founded by Hunter Hicks, a long-time service company entrepreneur. Hunter ran multiple service companies from 2013-present. At the very start we were trying to make a name for ourselves and be competitive in an exceptionally strong market, we tried several different marketing strategies that were promised to be effective. Over promised and under delivered strategies caused frustration for this small organization trying to get our wheels turning. We were getting dominated by our competition. Through constant trial and error in a field that almost seemed like learning another language, we took it upon ourselves to study and learn marketing for the sake of our business.
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Becoming BrandIT Media

Through late-night college courses and mentorship from industry greats over the next 6 years, we have dived into every aspect of digital marketing and ultimately determined what works for some industries may not work for others. Our company customizes a strategic plan that is made to suit your company best. It is very crucial to find a company that is an expert in all fields so that with a proven track record your business can be analyzed and budgets are spent in conjunction with your goals (short-term and long-term).
BrandIT Media was born and today, it’s one of the most unique companies. A full-service digital marketing company that will turn your headaches into success. If there is a business with a perspective of what’s good for a company and what a business expects of a marketing company, it's BrandIT Media.
BrandIT media always starts with getting to know our customers and the current operation of the business to help guide and determine the direction of the business, before suggesting or determining what marketing plan will suit best.
When it comes to your business,“Don’t just run it, BrandIT.”

The Secret? Our TEAM!

Imagine going to a professional sports league and pulling all the top athletes to perform on a team, a team that could not be beaten or overran. BrandIT Media has an elite team behind it specializing in PPC, SEO, Website Development, Digital Content, Consulting, and ultimately branding your company.

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